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Chaozhou Chaoan Fengtang Jiamei Foam Factoryis a comprehensive manufacturer of packaging products, specializing in producingmolding foam, free molding foam, plastic uptake etc. Products are widely usedin ceramics, electrical appliances, food, glass, toys etc, and soundinsulation, heat insulation and retaining freshness etc.

 The factory has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in thedesign and production of packaging products. It has several outstandingpackaging designers and a group of experienced management personnel. In orderto adapt to the development of the situation, the factory has been expanding inrecent years. It covers an area of about 13,000 square meters and has more than100 employees. Products have been completed independently from the design,molding production to forming. The factory has achieved automatic production ofmolding foam, which has the ability to undertake orders with high qualityrequirements, tight delivery and large quantities.

 The factory includes 10 departments as follows: sales department,packaging design department, technology department, logistics department,warehouse department, molding workshop, free molding workshop, plastic uptake workshop,packaging workshop and mold workshop.

The factory adheres to the business philosophy of "CustomerCentric" and wins the praise of customers with high quality products andperfect after-sales service. Sincerely welcome customers to cooperate with usand create a nice blueprint together.

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